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The latest development trend of wireless transmitter

Release time:2019-06-27

Wellhead intelligent monitoring in Xinjiang oil and gas fiel
The challenge of the project
The kakla beauty field is a significant discovery of oil and gas, but it also brings challenges to development: how to develop and produce safe and reliable gas fields in vast desert areas? The pressure, temperature and flow of the wellhead of the gas field are frequently fluctuated, and if they can not respond quickly, it may affect the normal operation of the gas field and even the safety accidents.
The instruments installed at the wellhead can only operate independently, and each instrument does not have the function of data remote transmission. In order to collect the operational data and monitor the production, the operation area has set up four patrol wells, and 10 people in each class manage the single well in the gas field. They take turns to inspect the production of gas wells four times a day. The well inspector monitors and records the data of wellhead oil pressure and temperature, and changes in pressure and temperature before and after throttling, so as to grasp the production performance and facility integrity of gas well.
This kind of manual operation is both expensive and time-consuming. Oil field companies can not optimize the operation of the gas field, and can not respond quickly to change. In case of sudden emergency in the wellhead, the staff can not get the first time to grasp the situation and solve the problems in time, and bury the hidden danger for the normal production of the gas well.
Solution solution
In order to improve the efficiency and safety of the well head operation in the gas field, a pilot project was planned and implemented by Emerson. This project is based on the production capacity of gas wells, eight wells selected as targets of the transformation, the use of WirelessHART intelligent wireless technology advanced and compatible with the industry standard, the process parameters of instrument head, such as pressure, temperature and flow rate, through the wireless network, real-time monitoring system will host control data to the wellhead in the gas gathering station.
In order to ensure the reliability of data transmission between instrument and control system, Emerson installed wireless transmitter as relay node, and built redundant MESH network to enhance network reliability. The wireless transmitter is powered by the battery and does not have to install solar panels to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, so as to solve the difficulty of power supply in the desert. The life span of the battery is between 5 and 10 years, depending on the type of instrument and the rate of renewal.
Item benefit
The use of wireless network operators can obtain the production data of the wellhead in real time, monitor the operation of the gas well and respond quickly, so as to ensure the safe production of the well area. Through accumulating parameters and historical trend data, operators can further grasp the changes of gas well wellhead in production process, providing a reliable basis for safe and stable production and optimizing gas well operation.
Using the automatic system and wireless network to monitor the wellhead data in real time can reduce the manual time of the well patrol for nearly 3000 hours and save 50% of the labor cost. As a result of reducing the tour of the well, the distance of the well patrol is reduced by nearly 200 thousand kilometers, and the fuel consumption of the corresponding car is saved by 75%.
Intelligent intelligence monitoring system enables operators to remote diagnose and maintain them in the central dispatching room, which not only reduces maintenance costs, but also reduces operation and inspection times in dangerous areas at the wellhead and improves operator safety.
No future development
As with the rapid development of innovative technologies, wireless video monitoring, wireless WIFI VoIP network, the site of important equipment management information will be included in the production management system well, realize the intelligent management of wells with automation technology innovation and wireless network, to further enhance the efficiency and safety level.