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What is an pressure transmitter?

Release time:2019-06-16

What is an intelligent pressure transmitter?
In general, now artificial intelligence (AI) is developing fast, China manufacturing intelligent manufacturing is still 2025 and 4 of the industry from the blueprint to the floor of the journey, now talk about the accurate definition of intelligent pressure transmitter is still too early, but it is very certain that, now the intelligent pressure transmitter is defined relative to before the old one generation of metal capacitor analog industrial pressure transmitter is used for manufacturing China intelligent pressure transmitter 2025 and 4 compared with now the industry should have more advanced intelligent, not only have the menu operation, range migration, remote operation and temperature compensation of these functions, which has a high level of intelligent, real-time state perception ability accurate monitoring, independent decision-making, execution, the biggest difference is whether they have the ability to enhance learning, can be called is a truly intelligent Pressure transmitter.
High grade intelligent pressure transmitter is referred to as the depth of single crystal silicon IPT intelligent pressure transmitter (Intelligent Pressure Transmitter), specifically for the 2025 or 4 Chinese manufacturing industry and the design and manufacture of intelligent manufacturing technology of new silicon pressure transmitter, instead of talking about the intelligent pressure transmitter (Smart Pressure Transmitter), to avoid confusion the English additional abbreviated IPT intelligent pressure transmitter.
IPT intelligent pressure transmitter is a digital communication and configuration, optimization, diagnosis, maintenance and other additional features of the device or device in addition to the basic function, with general perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making and control ability, is a new generation of pressure transmitter in advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligence technology integration and the depth of integration the.
IPT intelligent pressure transmitter is the market demand analysis, product development design, production and management, product quality, supply chain, marketing management, customer management, customer service services, product lifecycle of all links (PLM) are 2025 or 4 China manufacturing intelligent manufacturing industry.
LEEG monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter, from Smart to Intelligent
The intelligent pressure transmitter IPT technology will help the development of safety instrumented system functional safety pressure transmitter, from now users rely on the application practice of pressure transmitter experience to use big data to improve performance of single crystal silicon pressure transmitter for measuring diaphragm, avoid corrosion, pressure overload, shock pressure in pressure transmitter applications because of the application of the result (water hammer), hydrogen embrittlement failure caused by the penetration and so on, and the process connection plug, electronic signal line disconnection and other non pressure transmitter for their own reasons, let the safety instrument system to realize real-time and uninterrupted production safety protection.