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Emerson collaboration with Microsoft to achieve secure cloud computing

Release time:2019-06-27

Emerson collaboration with Microsoft to achieve secure cloud computing
Carl Coken, general manager of the OEM OEM business of the Internet of things
This is an age of all things interconnected, and the development of the industrial Internet of things is advancing by leaps and bounds. As a leading supplier of industrial process automation control equipment, Emerson has launched a series of cooperation with Microsoft to achieve secure data transmission and computation at the scene and in the cloud. Secure First Mile access network security technology is applied to transmit data from field smart devices to mobiles applications, and Microsoft Azure technology is adopted in cloud storage and analysis data.
73% of the companies have actively responded to the advent of the Internet of things from planning to implementation. Of course, 60% of them expect that the Internet of things can bring benefits to enterprises. A lot of them aim to reduce process parking by predicting maintenance.
Microsoft technology coincides with the needs of this era, and it is also a reliable technology. Coken added: "we have the operation system based on the handheld to the server side intelligent device, and the IT Department has used these systems for more than 20 years."
Microsoft Azure technology has large data storage capabilities that provide cloud services and can process millions of messages a week as an Internet of things interface. At the same time, Microsoft has been certified by the government of the United States and many other governments.
For industrial enterprises, these tools will help them improve plant reliability, safety and energy management efficiency, so as to achieve better financial performance.