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A new type of LUGB piezoelectric vortex flowmeter

Release time:2019-06-27

Product Name:A new type of LUGB piezoelectric vortex flowmeter

Recommended model:LUGB


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Product details
Product introduction:
LUGB new piezoelectric vortex flowmeter, using advanced international detection technology, uses MSP430 microcontroller as the central processor of the flowmeter.
Working principle:
Product characteristics:
Each intelligent nest Street amplifier contains a central CPU board, which is made up of MSP430 MCU and peripherals. Before the factory, the relevant parameters are communicated with the laptop according to the working conditions and requirements of the customer, and the intelligent nest street flowmeter is initialized to improve the linearity and anti-interference ability of the flowmeter. The field shows that the intelligentized pit street flowmeter can be supplied by battery and can also be supplied to +24VDC power supply. At this time, two wire current pulse or 4~20mA analog output can be selected. (the two selects only one) shows contents: instantaneous traffic, accumulating flow rate, frequency and battery capacity.